NYE hair looks you can create at home

By Mark Hill @ December 2, 2021

There’s no better opportunity to go all out than New Year’s Eve, whether you are glamming up to go to a glitzy party or staying at home comfy in your pyjamas you can always have great hair! To get you in the party mood and inspire you, we’ve got some incredible Celebrity NYE hair looks you can easily create at home!

Addison Rae

Who doesn’t love this TikTok queen! The return of the crimp was in full force in 2021 and it’s here to stay! Addison Rae has created such an iconic look that we are constantly creating here at Mark Hill HQ. To create this look we recommend curling all of your hair first with our Pick ‘n’ Mix Medium Barrel then take random sections of your hair and crimp away with our new Pick ‘n’ Mix Crimp Waver Barrel. Then lightly spritz your hair with our Style Addict Shine Spray to finish off your look.  

Kim Kardashian

The OG Kim Kardashian always looks INSANE when she waves her stunning long hair! The mermaid waves hairstyle is all about sleek, smooth waves that give you an effortlessly beachy vibe without the frizz. Whether you have long or short hair, this hairstyle is easy to create and feel like a Kardashian! To create this look, brush and protect your hair with our Style Addict Heat Protection Spray. Divide your hair into sections, the smaller the sections the more defined waves you will create. Taking each section at a time, start at the roots and clamp the hair with our Mermaid Waver Barrel. Hold each clamp for 10 seconds and continue down the hair, repeat this on every section. Once you have finished waving, spritz Extreme Hairspray so it locks the waves in place, if you want looser waves, brush the hair with our Curl Comb.

Ariana Grande

When it comes to ponytails, we all know who owns the crown… Ariana Grande. At this point, the iconic ponytail is a celebrity in its own right, with it ability to stay glossy and full for hours. To create the perfect snatched ponytail this NYE, it’s all about prepping the base, use our Bond Repair Treatment to ensure your hair is at its best condition. Once you have washed your hair, using Mark Hill obvs, blowdry your hair backwards to create a strong base. Take the high points of your ears and tie up your ponytail. You can add extensions to create length, then straighten the pony with our Pick ‘n’ Mix Wide Plate Straightener to give you that sleek look. Get a section of your pony and wrap it around the hair tie for the polish pony. Finish the hair by spraying Extreme Hairspray on a brush and going over the hair to tame the flyaways.

Hailey Bieber

If you want that effortless look you can always recreate Hailey Bieber’s ever so popular curls with two braids. To create this look, take two front sections of the hair and tie up while you style the rest of your hair. Protect you hair first with Heat Protectant and then use our stunning Uni-Curl Barrel to curl every section of your hair. Get the two front pieces that you sectioned away and braid. Tie each braid with a clear elastic for a seamless look. Now grab your Hairspray to keep the hair in place, brush your curls with our Curl Comb for that tousled look.