How to create volume with our Crimp Waver

By Mark Hill @ December 6, 2021

The nostalgic Y2K hair trend has been making its round in 2021 so we decided to bring out some new Pick ‘n’ Mix Barrels in October inspired by the trend – the Crimp is back!

Now we all know how to create a crimp look just like legends such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and even Lizzie McGuire, but did you know that you can use our Crimp Waver as a root lift to give you that extra volume to your look?

The crimp being applied close to the root not only create body and life, but it also eliminates the need to use backcombing techniques or excessive amounts of products. This quick and easy method will last longer and stay better than any other technique you have been doing.

So, let’s show you how it’s done! You will need to attach our Crimp Waver barrel to one of our Pick ‘n’ Mix handles. On dry hair, section the hair as you only want to crimp the bottom layers. Hold the crimp waver as close to the root as possible, just be careful you don’t burn your scalp! Clamp the Crimp Waver down for roughly 5 seconds and move onto the next section of hair you want to lift. Work through the hair and leave out the top section so you cannot see any crimp on the top of your head.  

Rub your fingers through your roots to give you that extra va va voom, this will make your hair so big that everyone will think it’s full of secrets!

This technique can also be applied to many hair updo’s which is a real life saver for all of the hairstylists across the globe!


Thomas Tatam x