Let's talk about our Hair Lab by Mark Hill Strength and Growth Tonic

By Mark Hill @ November 5, 2021

Our Hair Lab by Mark Hill range was created last year as Mark’s mission was to simplify the science behind hair care - all through education. The Hair Lab range by Mark Hill is all about that self-care life, all of your hair problems will be solved with our salon professional range. So, let’s talk about our little bottle of magic – The Hair Lab by Mark Hill’s Strength & Growth Tonic.  

What is the Strength & Growth Tonic?

This product in particular stimulates hair growth by 25% and builds your hair back fuller and stronger. Our Strength & Growth Tonic is packed with a blend of science-driven ingredients including caffeine, red ginseng, biotin and takanal all of which will help bring your hair back from the brink. It will also strengthen and condition it too, so you can say goodbye to thin hair!

How to use..

You use this product by simply massaging this leave-in tonic onto the scalp which will energise the roots and stimulate growth, don’t worry it’s not a heavy oil consistency, it’s light which ensures your hair doesn’t get greasy. It’s feels just like water and seamlessly soaks into the hair!


You’re probably reading this thinking that it’s all talk, but we have real life results from all hair types and ages. With this research we were able to tell the difference of the fullness and length of everyone’s hair. Our Strength and Growth Tonic was trialled on 52 women aged between 16-39 and 68% noticed hair growth and 60% of women saw their hair grow quicker during our 6-week study. 

The Hair Lab by Mark Hill range is the most ethically sourced haircare brand on the market. The range is free from sulphates, mineral oils, synthetic colours, artificial fragrances, DEA’s and TEA’s. Along with being 100% cruelty free with no animal testing and is vegan friendly. The packaging is made from a carbon free black pigment, recyclable and produced from 100% post- consumer recycled plastic.