How to prevent hair breakage

Jules top tips to reduce breakage.

So who is Jules?

Julian Holland has been working alongside Mark Hill for the last 23 years. As creative director for the brand Julian has helped to cultivate and develop the product range since its beginning in 2001. This journey has taken him around the world as a brand ambassador; to the United States, Australia, Asia and many other countries, educating retailers and consumers on the principals of the Mark Hill product range. An award winning hairdresser in his own right, Jules is a man  who lives and breathes the Mark Hill brand daily.

Jules top tips to reduce breakage.

As we are all aware, hair breakage is one of the greatest challenges in hair care, the reason for this can vary greatly and can be due to multiple reasons. Having an understanding of these reasons greatly helps us understand and regain control. The first thing is to determine your hair texture, this means the diameter of a single strand.. if your hair is fine in texture the hair may be more prone to breakage however even with medium or coarse hair breakage can occur due to many outside influences.

Here are my top 5 tips to reduce hair breakage

1. Balanced diet and plenty of sleep.

We are what we eat as the old saying goes.... hair is a natural part of our genetic makeup and is connected to a blood supply to take the nutrients it needs from a balanced diet, as for our old friend sleep.. it allows our bodies to regenerate and hair growth is key in maintaining strong healthy hair.

2. Take more care.

Day to day washing and styling can cause havoc on our locks so please be aware, after washing, excessive rubbing with towels and pulling with the wrong combs and brushes can really cause mayhem, untold damage and breakage. After shampooing wrap hair in a towel and allow the excess moisture to dissipate before combing through with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush working from the ends up.

3. Be careful with hair ties.

Elastic hair ties and bands can pull on the scalp and hair cuticles. it is very common to lose some hair and cause breakage when removing such ties. Always be careful not to over tighten and then cause damage by tearing these ties out.

4. Over processing.

Over processing is the arch enemy for healthy locks. Today's salon treatments can start to  take a toll on gorgeous locks.. be aware that colouring, chemical straighteners, perms and styling tools can all cause breakage always have treatments done professionally and spread apart to give the time hair to recover.

5. Use a trustworthy hair care regime.

To avoid breakage and to restore and repair damaged locks be sure to use a professional hair care repair regime like the Mark Hill Bond Repair range available at and Mark Hill.

Why use Mark Hill's Bond Repair?

Introducing Bond Repair, the latest collection to join The Hair Lab by Mark Hill. Bond Repair reverses damage caused by styling, colouring, chemicals and heat. This extension of the salon professional Hair Lab range continues the brand’s mission to simplify the science of great hair. Bond Repair from The Hair Lab by Mark Hill reverses broken and weak bonds, leaving hair visibly stronger and healthier. Did you know inside each hair, there are hundreds of bonds linking together to give your hair its strength? None of us want our hair to become weak, so maintaining these internal bonds is so important.

The two bonds that have the greatest impact if broken are:

- Hydrogen bonds. There are more hydrogen bonds in your hair than any other. These break each time your hair becomes wet, and reform when dry. They also break and reform when you apply heat. These are the bonds you are shaping when you style your hair.

- Disulphide bonds. These are the strongest bonds and give your hair its natural movement. The only way you can break these bonds is by chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers and colours. You can damage the bonds by using excessive heat (it’s the sulphur in these bonds which gives burning hair that awful smell!).

How does it work? The range contains a unique combination of ingredients - known as Kera-Creathanol Complex - helping broken bonds to reform, penetrating deeply into the hair’s structure. This new complex helps reinforce strength from within, whilst deeply nourishing and leaving hair stronger, soft, silky and shiny.

Kera-Creathanol Complex contains - Keravis which is a multifaceted protein complex that penetrates the hair to increase hair strength and resistance to breakage.

Creatine is an amino acid derivative identical to the natural creatine occurring in the skin. It rebuilds and strengthens the hair structure from

Panthanol Pro-Vitamin B5 allows deep penetration into the hair, giving long lasting
moisture control and leaves the hair supple and shine.

Always be aware of how easily damaged hair is and by taking a few simple steps and using the correct regime hair breakage can be a thing of the past.

Take care all,
Jules x