Introducing Bond Repair

Building Bonds That Last

Introducing Bond Repair, the latest collection to join The Hair Lab by Mark Hill range. The new range has launched into Boots stores nationwide, and Bond Repair aims to reverse signs of damage caused by styling, colouring, chemicals and heat. This extension of the salon professional Hair Lab range continues our mission to simplify the science of great hair!

Why are Building Bonds Important?

Bond Repair from The Hair Lab by Mark Hill reverses broken and weak bonds, leaving hair visibly stronger and healthier. Did you know inside each hair, there are hundreds of bonds linking together to give your hair its strength? None of us want our hair to become weak, so maintaining these internal bonds is so important.

The two bonds that have the greatest impact if broken are: 

- Hydrogen bonds. There are more hydrogen bonds in your hair than any other. These break each time your hair becomes wet, and reform when dry. They also break and reform when you apply heat. These are the bonds you are shaping when you style your hair. 

- Disulphide bonds. These are the strongest bonds and give your hair its natural movement. The only way you can break these bonds is by chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers and colours. You can damage the bonds by using excessive heat (it’s the sulphur in these bonds which gives burning hair that awful smell!).

The Latest Bond Building Technology

Bond Repair from The Hair Lab by Mark Hill contains a unique combination of ingredients - known as Kera-Creathanol Complex - helping broken bonds to reform, penetrating deeply into the hair’s structure. This new complex helps reinforce strength from within, whilst deeply nourishing and leaving hair soft, silky and shiny. 

- Keravis to increase hair strength and resistance to breakage 

- Creatine rebuilds and strengthens the hair structure from within 

- Panthanol Pro-Vitamin B5 for deep penetration into the hair, giving long lasting moisture control

Expert knowledge

“Bond Repair is a step-by-step treatment that contains the unique KERA-CREATHANOL COMPLEX to restore lost moisture by seeking out broken bonds. Having worked on clients’ hair for over 30 years, I have a great understanding of the importance of maintaining the hair’s internal bonds to maintain strength, protection and restoration. With most people having some kind of chemical treatment, now more than ever was the right time for me to challenge my scientists and chemists to develop a range of products that delivers outstanding results and ensures the strongest, shiniest, healthiest hair possible. These are the most advanced formulations my chemists and I have ever created. I am sure you will love the ground-breaking results.” - Mark Hill 

Step 1 - Gentle-Cleansing Shampoo

Your first step to stronger and healthier hair after just one wash! Our Re-Bond Shampoo contains Orange Oil, Keravis, Creatine and Provitamin B5 to create a gentle-cleansing shampoo. Mark Hill recommends double cleansing to stimulate and promote growth, whilst strengthening and building body.

Step 2 - High Strength Conditioner

High-strength conditioner with next generation Bond Repair system, to restore and hydrate all hair types. Repair damage and eliminates frizz. Apply to wet hair after shampooing and leave for 3 minutes before rinsing.

Step 3 - Bond Building Treatment

Using the next generation of molecular technology to restore bonds on a cellular level we have created a super-concentrated penetrative treament. Use twice a week on dry damaged hair, or once weekly for bond maintenance, applying evenly to damp and towel dried hair. Leave in for 10 minutes and rinse.

Step 4 - Internal Bond Repair Cream

A lightweight leave-in styling cream for smoother, hydrated hair working to strengthen internal keratin bonds. Apply to damp hair before styling.