How to style your hair without heat

By Mark Hill @ February 23, 2021

Mark Hill’s Brand Ambassador and Celebrity Hair Stylist Thomas Tatam gives you a run down of his tips and tricks to achieve heatless hair styling from home. 

The past year has given our hair the much needed break it’s been asking us all for. Lockdown has taught us how to care for ourselves, and our hair also. Sit back, grab a cuppa, and let me tell you my go to’s for hair loving. 


In a matter of weeks we will be able to get glammed up and ready for work, rest and play. Use this time to give your hair its own care routine, just like you do for your skin.  

Use a mask once, or twice a week and you will see a massive difference. My go to is the Hydrating Treatment from the Hair Lab by Mark Hill. Not only is it Vegan and Cruelty Free, but it is FILLED with oils, proteins and vitamins to restore your hair from the inside, out. Apply this to washed and towel dried hair, squeeze your hair to get rid of any excess water, and apply a healthy amount of the mask, let it sit for 20 minutes, minimum. Leave it over night if you fancy! And then wash using cool water, the colder temperature will seal your cuticles in your hair, locking in all that goodness. 

Thomas’ trick of the trade: if you place a shower cap, plastic cap, or hair wrap over your hair whilst the mask is on it will keep the heat and let the mask sink deeper into the cuticle.


Heatless Curls 

You’ve all probably seen the heatless curl hack circulating the internet, you know the one where you use a dressing gown belt? Oh you don’t? Let me explain! Want to wake up with big bouncy waves, simply take a dressing gown belt, a pair of socks or tights, twist your hair around it and sleep in it, when you wake up untwist the hair, lightly brush through with the Style Addict Curl Comb and run some oil or a serum through the ends. 

Products to use: 

  • Style Addict ‘Taming Polish’ 
  • Style Addict ‘Extreme Volume Spray’ 
  • The Hair Lab by Mark Hill ‘Smoothing Serum’ 
  • The Hair Lab by Mark Hill ‘Anti Humidity Spray’ 
  • The Hair Lab by Mark Hill ‘Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil’ 


Braids or Plaits

A go to style I love to see people wear, is a plait or a braid. A ponytail plait, a crown braid, French plaits, Dutch braid, cornrows, box braids, to name a few, are a beautiful way to not only protect your natural hair, but also you can create so many looks under one style choice. You can add accessories, such as scarves, clips, beads, chains etc. to add your own spin and flare. An added bonus is, once you take the hair out of the plait/braid you can have the most effortless heatless waves. 

Products to use: 

  • The Hair Lab by Mark Hill ‘Smoothing Serum’ 
  • Style Addict ‘Taming Polish’ 
  • The Hair Lab by Mark Hill ‘Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil’ 
  • Style Addict ‘Extreme Hairspray’


So many are scared to allow their hair to air dry, or dry naturally. But it is a brilliant way to keep the heat away, and embrace what you were blessed with. You just need to know how to manage it and what products to use. 

For my curly haired beauties: 

Moisture is your friend. Here is how to activate the curl but leave the frizz behind. The Hydrating Range from The Hair Lab by Mark Hill is going to give your hair everything it needs to unlock its true potential. The range is packed with essential oils, and Moroccan Argan Oil, and these will work from the inside out to nourish your curl.  

The Style Addict Gloss Finish Shine Spray, and The Hair Lab by Mark Hill Anti Humidity Spray will keep the hold of the curls, add a shine and keep the frizz at bay. If sprays aren’t something you find works well with your hair, I’d suggest the The Hair Lab by Mark Hill ‘Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil’, a few pumps in your hand, warm the product by rubbing between hands, and twirl the product into your curls. 


For those with straighter hair types: 

If you are someone that has a straighter hair type, but you want to allow it to dry, I’d recommend either The One Shampoo and Conditioner from the Style Addict range, or the Strengthening Growth range Shampoo and Conditioner from The Hair Lab by Mark Hill. 

It all depends on the quality of your hair as to what range you would rather pick. The One is an all rounder, but the Strengthening Growth range will tackle weaker and thinner hair and get you on the road to achieving a thicker outcome all round with your hair. 

My favourite product to suggest to allow to sink into the root as you allow it to air dry is The Hair Lab by Mark Hill Strengthening Growth Tonic. The leave in tonic energises the root bulb and stimulates growth by 25%*. Builds thickness, texture and strength for thicker fuller longer hair. *in vitro.  

Again, make sure you are using an oil or serum through the lengths and ends to avoid dryness and frizz, such as The Hair Lab by Mark Hill ‘Smoothing Serum’. And lock in the silkiness with an Anti Humidity Spray from The Hair Lab by Mark Hill.  


Now that I’ve given you my tips are tricks to treating your hair, don’t just show the world what good hair looks like, show them what healthy hair looks like. Your hair is the crown you never take off, make sure it’s COVERED in diamonds.  

I hope you take this all on board and give your hair the care it deserves. It’s time to give your hair the well needed rest it needs, in this final push out of lockdown. Get ready, because when we can, everyone is going to want to touch your hair!