Pick ‘N’ Mix Wand Handle

Style Addict

Pick ‘N’ Mix Wand Handle
Pick ‘N’ Mix Wand Handle
Pick ‘N’ Mix Wand Handle
Pick ‘N’ Mix Wand Handle

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Pick ‘N’ Mix Wand Handle

Style Addict


The handle to use for all of your Mark Hill Pick 'N' Mix barrels, whether it's curling, smoothing, waving or straightening your hair. This is your Pick 'N' Mix staple and a must-have for all style addicts.

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Choose your barrels to go with this handle and create endless looks. Remember...barrels to be purchased separately.

Product Details

  • Twist lock system
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Swivel cord
  • Includes heat protection glove
  • Note: Barrels are sold separately

How To Use

  • Lock the barrel into the handle making sure the barrel is secure by locking the handle with a twist. 
  • Turn the handle on to allow the barrel to heat up. 
  • You're now ready to style. 
  • When you have finished styling, turn the handle off. 
  • Once the barrel is cool you can twist the locking system back to release the barrel. It's as easy as that.



4.27 Average

70 Reviews

Coral Chatfield

Wand is great. Mark Hill customer service was poor. Placed my order, I emailed to ask why I hadn’t even received a dispatch email a week and a half later. No reply. I checked my order again and it said cancelled. Emailed again with no reply. Finally got through to someone on social media, no emails except a dispatch email when they replaced my order. Will order through boots in the future.

Mr roger gray


Beth Monroe

Nicola Behan

Fantastic. Very lightweight and very easy to use

Kelly Roby


Vicky Ward


Works well - exactly as expected.

Thank you for your great review!


Brilliant easy to use handle..I purchased this with the pick ‘b’ mix mermaid waver.


Thanks for your review - which barrel attachment did you go for? The Mark Hill Team

Melanie Edwards

Easy to use, attachment easy to click in.

Rachel Dowbakin

Very good, simple and effective. Good price and options to go with it.

Sophie Allen



Beatrice Hague

I liked it but it came with a three fingered glove, weird, but overall the actual product was good

Isobel Green

Eve Lovell


I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and it's great but the glove provided so you don't burn yourself, is not big enough.


I had this wand and a few of the pick and mix range wands bought for my birthday and so far they are great , the only improvement would be for the website to include how hot handle goes e.g 200C like most curlers so I know then the level of heat im applying to my hair(for damage) and how long i need to hold the wand on my hair to get my desired curl.


I was looking for a curling iron since having my hair cut to my shoulders that would make great curls without it looking too tight or too much like ringlets and this didn't fail! I can recommend to anyone in a similar position


It gives you such variety being about to pick and mix your barrels, it saves so much money as it is like every curler you want and more. Would definitely buy for a friend or any one of my family members as they have all got good use from it

Miss V

The barrel clicks easily into place, its not expensively made by any means but useful for the interchangeable barrels. It is easy to grip and brightly coloured. Does exactly as would be expected from a handle.


The premise behind this product is great, especially for travelling with a small suitcase. First impressions- I like the colour and the feel of the handle. Feels a little cheap so I am unsure of how long it will last.


I've always used my staighteners to curl my hair but I've been converted by this product. The handle is easy to use and allows you to change up you hairstyle quickly. It also encouraged me to be creative with my hairstyles by experimenting with the different hairstyles.


This handle was a brilliant idea , easy to adjust the position of the wand just like magic, found it made it a lot better to get to hard to reach places etc,loving the vibrant colour choice ,just wish the cord was a little longer.


I love this concept! I have had various different curling tongs/wavers/crimpers etc and they take up so much space! I love the fact that I only need one handle And can attach various different tools to create different looks. It will be so handy for holidays when suitcase space is at a premium.


The flexibility of the Pick n Mix handle is great when it comes to curling the back of your hair! Instead of your arms becoming tired/sore while trying to reach the back of you head the handle on this just twists and it’s way easier to get at! The only thing I would change about the handle is the fact that you don’t know when it’s fully heated at there is no indication eg. Flashing light or light going green...... But that’s nothing major. Overall the handle is a brilliant design!


I love the convenience of having a handle with multiple barrels, they are easy to change and you don't have to store multiple different wands. The handle is quite big but lies securely in your hand. If I had to say something negative, it is that the cable could be sligthly longer and it is not really the most convenient for travel as there is no voltage range.


Great product lightweight and easy to use. The ombré colour is also a big bonus as it looks good. The fact you can buy different wands to create lots of different hair styles is amazing. I love this product.